Asus gtx 670 Directcu II TOP performing low at 3dmark

I just bought my Nvidia GTX 670 few weeks ago. Installed into my pc 2 days ago and i was analyzing it and i am getting results that make me sick...
Is there any sugestions that i can do?
I have the latest bios from my MB and the latest update for all drivers.
Need a help please
My Pc Hardware is:
Intel I7 3770@3.40Ghz
Asus Geforce GTX670 Directcu II TOP 2gb
Asrock Z77 Pro4 M
Aerocool Strike 800W
Cooler Master 412S
Sandisk SD 120GB
Seagate 2TB 7200RPM
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  1. Overclock your cpu and GPU
  2. Overclock your cpu and GPU
    I dont think it is an overclock issue. is there any solution whithout overclocking my cpu and gpu ? I do not want to loose the warranty of these hardwares.
  3. What's your heaven benchmark scores like ?
  4. heaven benchmark score is about 1200 with extreme tesselation and anisotropy 16x. Max fps 115 min fps 12 and average fps 46
  5. I just test one of my msi 670 pe stock score 1165 Max fps 119 average fps 46 min fps 19 so sounds about right.
  6. What is your GPU usage during 3d Mark tests?
  7. I have a feeling you have the non top version are you sure it's the top?
  8. Even for non top version that score is ridiculously low.
  9. True i just know a lot of people get them confused and think the non top is same card just not as highly factory overclocked which is bs top uses higher specially binned chip. totally different cards.
  10. Where i can check my gpu usage at 3dmark benchmarking?
    And actually i checked my VGA and it is the non top . Sorry of that confusion
    But i still think it is not normal to get that scores :S
  11. edit so it is non top o.k. i thought so. ;)
  12. Just a note. I have the Vga connected in the second PCI Express and the version is 2.0 . Could be that an issue?
    How i can edit the thread title to put non top ?
  13. "VGA"? What do you mean by that?
  14. Video graphic card.
  15. Don't worry about editing it that score is really low as Sunius mentioned even non top should score better just not as good as top
  16. Any suggestion to get that results?
  17. Turn off windows upate
    Uninstall the drivers.
    Download driver fusion
    Reboot system in safe mode and run driver fusion.
    Reboot again.
    Re-downloaded drivers
    Turn on windows updates Go to nvdia control panel and change all your games power options to "maximum performance". If that does not fix it i would consider sending the card back
  18. I agree with the above advice. To check GPU usage - download msi afterburner from and enable on screen monitor in its settings. You will see percentages of GPU load on the screen during 3d mark test.
  19. ok thanks for your advice i am telling you when all that is done.
  20. Sounds good
  21. Just a note here. I noticed that my MSI Kombustor score was around 5600 points on the 310.XX beta drivers. Try rolling back to 306.97, the latest WHQL one and then see if that improves your score. My MSI 670 PE gets 17000 on Kombustor now.
  22. i did all that last night and the pc is perfoming as bad as the last time that i did the test.
    Now i am reinstalling everything including the operative system. and changing to pci express 3.0 too.
    i am posting here when everything is done .
  23. Hmm, this is very strange. Have you ticked 'Prefer Maximum Performance' in the NVIDIA control panel as opposed to 'Prefer Adaptive Performance'? You'll find it under global settings one of the first tabs.Nine times out of ten this i found to resolve this issue.
  24. When you have the free time. Just to clarify, ops, double check this setting please:

    Go into NVIDIA Control Panel --> Manage 3d Settings --> Global Settings Tab ---> Power Management Mode ---> Prefer maximum performance

    Also, what programs do you have in the background? There is a known problem with the older versions of flash player that can reduce your core clock speeds if there's something like a browser video or stream running in the background. Could you also post a pic of CPU-Z? I want to check on another thing too.
  25. hi i reinstalled all the pc including operative system. and now my pc is performing better than last time i did
    Is performing well but the fps is too low. what could be that issue?
    Other thing i did unigine and i have better scores too and is performing too well
    how could i get on that fps on 3dmark when the unigine i got nice results...
  26. Your score seems to have gotten normal. Looks decent.
  27. 40 fps average in 3d mark is decent ? :S
  28. Yes. It wasn't made to be run smoothly. It was made so you could compare it against other cards.
  29. That's great bud.Another tip try out FXAA injector
    FXAA injector:
  30. Thank you for helping :) i was checking other results in 3dmark 11 and they got better fps than mine with the same setup. My results is a bit low compared to other ones. i will try the fxaa injector
  31. Your welcome! :)
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