Can a motherboard kill multiple cpu's?

I had an issue with 1 of my computers not posting. It was fine then just shut itself down one night and would no longer post.

I have / had another machine that I took the cpu out of to troubleshoot the issue and it didn't work.

But now the second cpu no longer posts the other machine.

I troubleshooted them both the correct way, im just wondering if its possible the motherboard knocked both cpus out?

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  1. it is possible, bad voltage kill cpu
  2. There must be some kind of wattage or voltage or cpu support problem in the first mobo that killed both cpus.
    What motherboards are those that you are using? We'll need the model number.
  3. the motherboard is a p8p67 pro and 2 i5 2500k's. I got a new motherboard and tried them in that, asrock extreme 4.

    the motherboard diag just stays at 00 which is a not used value.

    I guess the old board killed both cpu's.
  4. potential culprit are psu and mobo

    mobo is probably failed because of bad supply
  5. Test them on your friends mobos if possible..... Don't worry, cpu won't kill mobo
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