Is this good specs?

Hello, for y birthday (21st Feb) im getting a desktop, are these specs alright to play a modern 2012-13 games?

Processor: AMD Athlon II X2 270, Dual Core (AM3, 3.4GHz, 1MB Cache)

CPU FAN :Standard CPU Fan

Mother Board:MSI 760GM-P21 (FX), 2xDIMM, Max. 16GB, M-ATX

RAM: 4GB (2 x 2GB) Kingston PC10600 1333MHz DDR3

Graphics card: ATI HD6450 1GB


Ethrenet: Integrated 10/100Mbps

Wireless: PCI 802.11n 300Mbps Wireless

USB: 2 Front + 4 Back Ports

Sound: Integrated 7.1 High Definition Channel Audio

Operating System Genuine Windows 8 (64bit Version)

And im only asking cause it only costs £334 which is quite cheap for them specs i believe?
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  1. no not really-- for one thing thats a very weak graphics card

    how much do you have to spend
  2. £300 xD i only wanna play minecraft, and atm on my laptop i have
    Processor: 1.1ghz intel celeron

    Graphics: interegated intel hd grahics (up to 1.7gb system memory)

    and i can play bf3 on it with low settings fine :P
  3. the ATI HD6450 1GB is barely better than integrated graphics

    it will manage lower settings and resolutions on some games
  4. oh right, i customized it so ill just put the nvidia one on haha, its now about £450+ :P
  5. also, is the ATI Radeon 5450 1gb DDR3 with HDMI With Hyper Memory upto 2gb a good one?
  6. no

    i think thats aimed at small form factor media pcs

    are you going to build it or buy it built for you?
  7. Buy it built
  8. if you could just build you own pc with AMD A8 Cpu that will run Minecraft easy with 40+ fps with no Graphics card cause it has an integrated one and if that not enough crossfire it with Radeon 6670 and you will get great FPS's for 2013 games!
  9. Also if you have over £300 to spend go on ebay and type in Vibox very good spec pc's for a cheap price for example this one would be way enough for MInecraft but if you decide to play bf3 or skyrim its ok
  10. buying it built puts the price up :(

    personally i dont buy new pcs on ebay only second hand ones

    you never know if the seller will be there next week if you have a problem

    if the amd integrated graphics are ok--not up on that side of things

    then maybe something like this--though you need to add wireless yourself
  11. ok, i sorted it, im gonna get one thats £800 (: i spoke with my dad haha, he said ok but dont tell your sisters :P
    cheers guys, ill post if i need any help again haha
  12. thats a much healthier budget :D

    you will get something decent for that
  13. michael1232 said:
    are these specs alright to play a modern 2012-13 games?

    No. Period.

    michael1232 said:
    i only wanna play minecraft

    Wait, uhm, what? It'll be okay for minecraft, I suppose...

    That being said:

    1) The only reason your laptop can play bf3 on low settings is because of a very low screen resolution.

    2) Especially with that new budget, please please PLEASE buy the parts and assemble them yourself. It's just like LEGOs for adults, and you'll get WAY better performance.
  14. do you already have monitor and keyboard and mouse

    or do you need those as well for £800
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  16. the ATI HD6450 1GB is barely better than integrated graphics
  17. victthoe said:
    the ATI HD6450 1GB is barely better than integrated graphics

    it is twice as better atleast than even the most powerful integreted intel graphics
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