my forsa GTX 560 ti is getting realllllly hot while playing games like bf3 or cod bo2...
its going up to 85C and sometimes even more..
when im turning of the game it takes less than a second and it comes to 67C or less...
NO WAY lowing the tempratures is that fast... I think maybe my PC is faking?
I've got that gadget for win 7... GPU meter.. I've downloaded MSI afterburner and IDK what should I do with just turning the fan to 60% instead of 45%...
Im playing the games on its reccomended settings,the GPU card is the only problem.

can anyone help me? im actually a noob to all that stuff and I really could use some help... if anyone knows how I can improve my GPU performance?
can anyone help me with the HEAT problem?? I cant play anything, thats pretty sucks....

add me on skype if u have time to explain these things to me : AdoNachshon

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  1. Yes way it drops so fast. The cooling is very good - as soon as it stops generating heat, it cools it off fast. You can still get the fan to spin higher - just make a MSI afterburner profile and make so it spins at 100% when it reaches 70°C.
  2. dude, I have no idea how to do it
  3. Go to MSI afterburner settings -> fan profile and just move the graph how you like.
  4. ok, now i did it and it still rising up to 90C..... I dont know what to do...please help...
  5. ssjomer said:
    dude, I have no idea how to do it

    Please respond in a proper way when someone tries to help you.

    You haven't done it properly if you don't see a difference when fans are spinning that much faster. Try to look at youtube where someone shows how to do it.

    It might also be time for a clean, get a can of compressed air and blow from the rear then after from the fans so the dust gets out of place and blown out. Remember to take it out of your pc, don't do it while it's running.

    Your case might also be bad ventilated, try taking the door off to your hardware and see if that make a difference.

    If none of these things work, then you should contact the shop where you bought it.
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