ADSL slows down until router reboot

My Internet speed slows down from about 4mpbs to 1mpbs approx until I reboot after which it runs fine until it slows down again.

I have a Netgear DGN2000 router, and have tried restoring to factory settings and using it that way - made no difference.

HELP! I am thinking of buying a new router.

Also, if this helps, it has been knocked over quite a few times as it stands on top of our desktop tower, and tends to be knocked off every so often :/
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  1. Knocking it over will just break it, not slow it down.

    See if there is a firmware update for it. You can also check with the ISP first to see if there are any line issues. Try to the computer directly to the modem, unless the Netgear acts as your modem, see if the speeds slow down then.
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