Is my GTX470 died on me?

hey guys,

so, been having this problem and been working on to get it fixed all day but did not, the problem is the gpu is not fully working what i mean is when you start windows it seems that you have never installed a driver, i tried to open nvidias control panel it shows an error msg says "you are not currently using a display attached to an nvidia gpu", so thats the main problem my gpu is not fully working...

What happened exactly:

was playing WoW trying new addons when suddenly my machine restarted without bluescreens or anything, then windows starts without detecting my gpu, restarting again and then baam the gpu's fan goes on 5k rpm speed.. i mean DAFUQ... a few restarting makes the gpu fan runs crazy fast.... restarting again and nothing...

More info:

my monitor working fine, vga/dvi cables are in good standing, temps are low 60max for cpu and the gpu can be detected from HWmonitor and having 40c, am using MSI Afterburner to control fan speed and doing a good work.


AMD Phenom II 955 x4 cpu
Gigabyte GA-MA78G-DS3H rev1.0 mobo
Gigabyte Superb 720W PSU

What i've tried so far:

-reinstalled fresh windows, been using win7 and now am on win8x64
-installed and reinstalled Beta drivers and WHQL drivers....
-clean dust in case and in the graphics card

so is it the PSU or my mobo or my gpu?
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  1. i don't use Windows 8 so I can't help you

    either way, get a current GPU like a 670
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    Looks like the graphics card, though you should confirm it by trying it in another PC (ask your friends, for example).
  3. dingo07 said:
    i don't use Windows 8 so I can't help you

    either way, get a current GPU like a 670

    i had that while am on win7... getting a new gpu wont help my problem if i dont have the budget for an upgrade.

    Anonymous said:
    Looks like the graphics card, though you should confirm it by trying it in another PC (ask your friends, for example).

    will do that the next day... what i need now is chilling with a cup of tea and a movie lol
  4. Happened to me, I had to reinstall windows.. you can get it to read by deleting your driver in the device manager (make sure you delete all NVidia drivers) and restart computer. install driver manually in device manager. install the oldest copy (windows one.) then restart. try to reinstall driver from your hardware disk that came with it... it will read it, but for me I started having issues of it failing the install. then it just kept saying I could not start the install because I needed to restart my computer..

    needless to say, I never got it fully working right..

    It was because of the intall process windows uses, between windows and the antivirus.

    I reinstalled windows 8 and my card was working perfectly..

    I honestly think it is windows media center (when I installed it) then tried to update my driver from NVidia. that that was the reason my gtx670 was not reading right..

    good luck. let me know if I can help at all.
  5. @littleblackboy, already tried that.. not working, i let windows8 search for a driver and installed it restart and still not

    here a prtscn of hwmonitor

    heres the fan speed glitch at 5krpm and look at the volts that aint right, i mean the default volts are 0.85~ and on full load i get 0.9v, whats going on?
  6. I am starting to think its your PSU, Your CPU is only suppose to use 95watts, and your GPU like you stated is way off.

    You could have had a surge what caused your computer to BSOD, followed by multi restarts.

    Values are not reading right, so NVidia would not recognize it.. Try another PSU if you can.

    Or try your card in a buddies computer / try a different card in your computer if you have one to see I the values change.

    Also something to consider. . See if you can flash the new firmware to your GPU. that might change some of this to your favor.
  7. sorry for late respond,

    its not the PSU neither the mobo, its a graphics card problem, tested it on other rigs, and did not work, am thinking of flashing the bios, can anyone help me with that?

    EDIT: flashed my GPU card.. did not work... time to replace that son of a b!tch .... lol
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  9. Hi, I have the identical problem with my second GTX 470(MSI N470GTX) in my SLI configuration. First card is Asus GTX470 and it work ok. I read a lot about this problem and no solved solution anywhere on the web. I think may be due to overheating PCB crack on solder cause this bug with driver issue and failure code 43 in Device Manager. Have you tried the roast in the oven because sometimes help?
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