Please recommend cheap Graphics card for Dell Optiplex GX620

Dell Optiplex GX620 Desktop PC.
Uses an Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelator 950.
The power supply for this computer is 280W.
I know nothing about compatibility or graphics cards
Can you recommend any sub $50 graphics card that will fit this computer? I don't know if it needs to be low profile or not.
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  1. What are going to use your GPU for, gaming?

    Yea Yea, I know that you love your wife, but you have to extend your budget a bit for the GPU, and replace that PSU also, if you want to game.
  2. Sorry, the computer is a work computer--just typical Microsoft office stuff--no gaming. Thus, a sub-$50 card will do.
    Also, my work will only buy from
  3. why bother with a GPU then keep on using the onboard.
  4. Because the onboard one sucks
    Can anyone knowledgeable actually recommend something compatible?
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