Want to display my DirectTV hdmi on my PC

I have just got the new directtv dvr that has remote HD recievers. I have one in my office. It has hdmi out. My PC is running win8

I want to be able to watch the TV in a small window on my PC.

Looking around it appears that i need to get somekind of HD video capture card. I am looking for suggestions. I am looking for a solution that is not full or DVR bloatware. All i want to do is display

Thanks for any help / suggestions.

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  1. Then get a capture card and just install the drivers and see how that goes.

    You will probably at minimum need to install its player, but there may be other stuff around you can use.

    Or it may come down to you having to install all the bloatware, just dont use it and dont let it load during boot up.
  2. I'm betting the signal is encrypted to prevent doing exactly that even if you do find a hook up. If you could view it, you could record it to your HDD and that's not allowed.
  3. Does anyone have a good experience with win8 and a card that they can suggest?
  4. You can try this


    Hauppage devices are proven to be stable and reliable. W8 is too new to have data/info. My setup is still in W7.
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