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My Computer is an Alienware m14x. I bought about this time last year. When I first bought the computer it was capable of running high-end games and the higher settings with a good frame-rate and a fairly decent temperature.

Recently however, when I play less demanding graphical games my CPU and GPU massively overheat, Talking 90-100C both of them.

And it does this on fair/low graphic settings. Ill start with a good frame-rate and over time it will slow down.

Both of these factors link, as the GPU/CPU heat up my fps drops.

I have 6GB RAM, Nvidia GT 555M GPU, i5-2410m CPU.

Which should be capable of running games such as World of Warcraft without trying, yet it struggles does my computer when it should be capable of running easily on goodish settings.

I have a cooling stand, I've tried clearing out the fans. A month or two back I formatted the drive which temporarily sped the computer up, back then it wasn't as much as an issue though.

I've ran diagnosis' on my computer all of which said it was fine.

I can't really tell what is up, any suggestions?
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  1. Could be software or hardware :)
    Does fan spin when PC is on? If yes the issue could be that your thermal paste is old or non-existent. One or the other would explain high temps.

    You said you formated the drive few months back...did you formated system partition and installed fresh windows or did you formated the storage partition without clan windows install?

    If you PC is still under warranty try to resolve the issue thru manufacturer perhaps RMA the PC if possible.
  2. If you have a warranty, RMA the entire laptop.
    If you have no warranty, an EXCELLENT solution is to replace the stock thermal paste with a proper aftermarket paste.

    I replaced my Lenovo Y570's stock paste with AS5 and the temperatures dropped by 22C!
  3. Warrenty expired last month :/

    And the laptop's fan you can physically hear it when its going, which is a positive.

    I've used MSI afterburner, which allows you to do a GPU test, and I watch my temp just gradually go up.

    When afk or idle my GPU is at 55C which I know is too hot to begin with.

    After a few minutes of the test it got upto 85C.

    And Yes, when I formatted it, it was a full format with a window's re-install.

    Many thing's point to the thermal paste as being the best solution, although being a student I'm reluctant to part with money even if its £5 :P but I will do if it's the best choice.

    Thanks for the reply :)
  4. Have you gently blown the dust out of the fan openings? Often dust builds up and causes overheats.
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