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I just installed a new gigabyte OC radeon 7870 yesterday and the current idle temperature that i am getting off of Catalyst control center is 44-48degrees.I read on most reviews that the average idle temperature was anywhere from the low 30s to high 20s so I am wondering if my 40 degrees is something i should worry about. The temperature while playing witcher 2 on ultra was around 66 degrees which seems okay.I live in the Caribbean and the avg temperature is about 33 Degrees as well as the case im using isnt huge but i made sure not to block the card itself with any wires.
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    Yeah that idle is high. Your load temps are fine though. If it is in a 33C room you have absolutely nothing to worry about.
  2. those temps are fine considering your ambient temp...
  3. Just bought the exact same card! It's crazy awesome. But yeah, my idle temps are around the low 30s, while my load temps (i.e. playing Battlefield 3 for about 1 hour with everything maxed) are in the mid 60s. But again, my ambient temperatue is around/below 25 degrees, so yeah I think you're good. Enjoy your card!
  4. Yes you are good. That 33C increase the idle temp. But as soon as you dont get above 70-75 on load on high fan you are safe.

    Good luck !
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  6. My idle temps are 41c when I have the fan speed upto 46%, and then reach 90c when under 100% load. Should I be worried?
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