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HP Pavilion p6 case and system not booting up..

Last response: in Systems
January 14, 2013 4:05:43 PM

hi everyone,

my first post here, so please be patient with me if i post it in a wrong section, or something..

so, to the point. i built my wife a pc some time ago (roughly two months). nothing great, but something she could use for browsing the net, and occasional online gaming (Combat Arms). the thing that concerns this post is the motherboard. it was a part of a combo (motherboard+processor+RAM). i bought some cheap case with a PS, had my own HD, graphic card and DV-ROM, plugged it all together, and it all worked fine. then a friend of mine bought (the wretched) HP Pavilion p6 series PC. he (foolishly) thought that he would be able to play games on it (like Skyrim). no chance. so he bought himself a graphics card (pretty good one, actually), and came to me to help him plug it in, since he's a PC n00b, so to speak. since it is a good (good? great!) graphics card it's got two huge fans, and there was no chance in hell to fit it in his micro case. so my wife came with an idea. "we simply swap cases, since ours is bigger, and i'd like that smaller one better". i said "whatever", and did just that. well, sort of..

i took out the intestines of his HP, did the same with my wife's PC, and plugged it all in (his intestines in my wife's case). worked splendidly, and away he went with a happy smile. then the trouble started. i tried to repeat the process with my wife's intestines (those from her PC, of course) and his tiny micro case. screwed it all in, plugged all the cables, graphics card, and all, and pushed the "ON" button. the fans (CPU, case) twitched a bit, then died. tried it again, same result. hmmm, something is rotten in my wife's new PC. checked all things (like 24 and 4 pin power connectors plugged in, RAM stick in place, F panel connector correctly plugged in...), all seemed in place. what the... so i took it all apart, and re-built it again. same result. so i went on trying some stuff, like -

- unplugged the 4-pin power connector, to my huge surprise after i pushed the "ON" button everything started spinning and wooshing, and it stayed on. but nothing appeared on the monitor. not even the start-up screen, simply the monitor stayed dead. plugged it back in (the 4-pin) and it went back to twitch-then-die..

- since the case came without any brass standoffs i thought it was shorting, so i put them in, same result (a.k.a. twitch-then-die)..

- unplugged everything, except the 24 and 4-pin connectors. twitch-then-die..

- took the motherboard out of the case, plugged in the 24 and 4 pin connectors, and, you guessed it, t-t-d (twitch-then-die)..

now i'm out of ideas. and it's really frustrating. any help would be much appreciated..

p.s.: there was a thin black cable comming from the front of the case (underneath the front cover) to the original motherboard. i have no idea what it does/did, but to me it looks like some prevention against shorting out the motherboard. there is no way to plug it in the ASUS motherboard, and i don't really think it has something to do with my problem, but who knows?
January 24, 2013 6:02:33 AM

And here lies the problem with attempting to put home-built computer parts into a manufacturer's case. The factory built case always has something that is different to keep people out.
The 4 pin connector directly powers the CPU, so it is no surprise when everything came on but nothing would appear on the screen. I think that the PSU in your "new" case is not powerful enough for your motherboard/setup/whatever. There is nothing that you can do to change this other than buy a new PSU. In which case, it would have been cheaper for your "friend" to buy himself a new case. Best of luck :) .