650 1GB vs 7750 1GB?

They're both about the exact same price range. I been looking at some comparison's but couldn't find a definitive answer to which one actually performs better. I think the last review that came out didn't cover the newer 650 cards for the best graphics card for you money.

So which one is better for the buck, the 7750 or the 650 1GB editions?

Edit: Please no one offer me to go to a higher card this is my budget, stick to these two cards.
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  1. tough to find a comparison chart. even on this site the 7750 disappears and a 7850 shows up in it's place... shame, shame........ wonder if anybody really looks at the charts when they "look". ?

    try this: not the greatest.

  2. It looks like the 650 runs a tad bit better for the same price. I would like to still get your guy's thoughts.

    What do you personally think swifty?
  3. if you want an opinion. I never personally used a 7750 but do run several amd cards. lowly one being a 5450.

    The 650 looks faster where I see it, but remember, when you run into a physx based game it will run slower unless you shut physx down or make concessions... but physx even puts a hurt on faster cards too.

    i would take the 650.
  4. Some games the AMD will do better, some the Nvidia will do better. One week Nvidia will be better than AMD will release new drivers and blow them away, etc. Currently the latest AMD drivers have given a real boost to the latest cards. Here is a comparision but it probably doesn't take into account the latest drivers, overclocking, etc.


    For reference, I got a 7750 a few weeks ago and can play BO2 at a full 60FPS will almost all the eye candy turned to full at 1280x1024 with the latest Windows 8 drivers.
  5. I'm pretty sure I got my answer. There is not much difference between the two except maybe when it comes to BF3. The 650 came with ACIII, so I'm pretty sure I made the right choice.

    If anyone else wants to chime in on what they think, please do, otherwise thanks for the help.
  6. id vote for 7750 coz it does not require a 6 pin connector while performing same as 650 and also costing less
  7. Well they are actually the exact same price, so that really isn't a factor on which one is cheaper than the other. While the 7750 doesn't have 6 pin that isn't a big whoop to me. The 650 1gb runs ever so slightly better than the 7750 and for the exact same price, I'm going to go with that.

    Also mainly because it came with Assassin's Creed III for free while the 7750 came with Two Worlds II, which is a good game but rather have the newer.
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