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Can my PSU handle the load

Is a 700 watt psu enought for a liquid cooling system and a amd eight core processor and 4 hdd, 1 ocz vertex ssd, a dvd writer, 4x 120mm fans, 1x 140mm, 1x 200mm fan, HIS ice Q turbo 6950 2gb 256 GPU,and 8gbs of 1866 patriot viper ram all run on a asus sabertooth 2.0 motherboard.
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    yes you're fine
  2. What brand is the PSU in question?
  3. If it's any good it will be fine.
  4. MY PSU is a OCZ 700 watt.
  5. It'll be good.
  6. That's a good brand.
  7. it's not a top brand, but still a good brand. and should be fine.
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