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I hope someone can give some advice on a graphics card I'm looking for.... I'm assuming it will probably be an older/legacy card due to my exact requirements....

- Needs to have a VGA or DVI output, PLUS a composite or S-VHS output
- Must be Windows 7 (64 bit) or preferably Windows 8 (64 bit) compatible
- PCI Express

The BIG thing that I need to do on it though is connect a monitor to the VGA or DVI port, then a TV to the composite/S-VHS port and extend the desktop across the two. I do not want to clone the desktop - It must be extended across the two screens (The second being the TV). This needs to be set at a resolution of 1024 x 768.

Because of the installation and other attached equipment/cabling already in place I can't have a different setup and no scan-converters, HMDI or other solutions... Please!

I have had a Nvidia GeForce 6800 card running fine in an old XP machine - The PC has had to be replaced with a Windows 8 machine and newer Nvidia drivers no longer allow extending the dekstop in this way (Neither is Windows 8 for some reason).

Any advice appreciated!

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  1. ... Just another note... Maybe someone could even try this out for me??? I'd hate to buy a card just based on manufacturer's spec and find it doesn't really work in the way I need under Windows 7/8 64 bit... Like the Nvidia card mentioned above!
  2. My system spec/requirements:

    USAGE: Just for displaying Flash movies across both screens - No gaming, etc or other intensive applications

    CURRENT GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 & also Nvidia GeForce 6800 (6 series)
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