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Are free anitvirus/malware software (like AVG) good enough

I just built a computer and I'm virturally broke for a month or two and I'm looking for the best Free solution to protect my new screamer i7920. I'd also like an option for a pay for software to cover the machine assuming you get value for your $30-80 investment.
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  1. oh and as the subject says....are the free virus/malware protection pgms really weak compared to pay for options. I'm skeptical of free stuff when the same MFG have pay for stuff that cost $50+.
  2. Free versions are just as good - better in some cases - as the paid for versions. Personally I use MSE, which works just fine.
  3. what is the justification or the business angle then for charging say $50 for free software that is just as good. This seems confusing. Who pays for AVG software and how can they have support for free software. usually when things seem too good, they are and it bites you sooner VS later.
  4. Well, if you look at AVG you'll find that their paid-for Internet Security suite is a lot more than just virus/malware protection. If you need those features then pay for them by all means. The other, very large, group of users who will have to pay for anti-virus software are corporate users. Most free software is for home use only.

    Read a few reviews of the various offerings and make up your mind whether you need the added features of paid-for products. But the free products (as long as you choose the right one) are plenty good enough protection for many people.
  5. i just use Spybot Search & destroy for spyware/malware and use Antivir Antivirus for virus software, both free and both are great. been virus free for over a year now and very little tracking cookies here & there.
  6. I have been using both AVG and the free ZoneAlarm for the last 7 seven years.

    So, obviously, I think that they are good enough.
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    The free programs are often just crippled versions of paid for stuff....the paid versions include stuff like auto updating so it becomes a question of what is your time worth if you have to do manual downloads. There's also the "almost free" option.

    F-Prot for example has a home site license which gives you AV for 5 PC's with auto updating and full tech support for $29. I have been using F-Prot as either my primary or backup AV since 1992 when it was provided free to Compuserve Wizops / Sysops for the purposes of scanning files uploaded to forum libraries.
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  9. BTW, the new site license for Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite which includes Kapersky AV and antimalware is a steal at $39 for 3 PC's.
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