I cant connect my external hard drive to my netgear wirless router in

I have a mybook essential 1tb external hard drive , a netgear 3700 wireless router with a USB port and a PC running windows....I cant get the external HD to work while plugged into the wireless routers USB port ??
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  1. Does it have a power supply? Mine won't work with my netgear router either. Just bought the router. The router works fine with a flash drive, but doesnt work with the 1tb ehd, even with the power supply plugged in.
  2. yes , mine has a power supply. There is a list of compatable HD's on the Netgear website that work with the N3700 and WD My Essential is listed but it none of them are the exactly the same as mine....Is it too much to ask from these manufacturers to make the " Plug and Play" devices easier to set up ie: less than several hours trying to figure how to complete this "simple" procedure ?? !
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