Upgrading computer need some help with Motherboard and PSU

So I am looking to upgrade my computer for gaming, in a couple of months here like 2-3 because my Power Supply went, and i don't think the motherboard is good anymore as well. The problem is I don't know what to look for i built this one myself and it worked pretty good for 3-4 years until now. (this is my first build).

So this is what i have

Case: Thor V2 ATX Full case

Graphics Card: Gtx 550 TI

Hard Drives: 1 Sata 3 drive 300 gigabytes (has my OS on it and all my school files and such). and a
Western Digital WD Black 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Processor: I5-2320 3ghz LGA 1155, 6MB cache 95W

Disc Drive: idk what it is exactly because i lost the box but it uses sata 2 and plays dvds

RAM: 2 2gigs of Ampx 1333ghz DDR3 Memory

Like i said i just need help with finding a good Motherboard for all that and a good Power supply and Hopefully some more ram. Any other suggestions that you could make to help my build further down the road in it's life would be helpful too (as in what i should upgrade next ect...). I also want to know if upgrading to windows 8 would be a good thing right now i have windows 7.
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  1. Try looking into a corsair power supply, you wont need too much power so the corsair cx600 should be fine. for The motherboard i am a big fan of the asrock z77 pro 3. it has everything you need and even more.

    Will upgrading to windows 8 be a good idea ? HELL NO !

    These are just my opinions but you could ask some other people.
  2. 1.
    As a replacement motherboard, this ASRock B75M-DGS will do the job:
    But to provide for a possible future upgrade to a "K" overclockable cpu, I might spend a bit more for a Z77 based motherboard. Most any will do.
    Perhaps something like this ASRock Z77 Pro3
    Ram is cheap, I would buy a 8gb kit of 2 x 4gb DDR3 1600 low profile ram.
    Somethiing like this:


    Your GTX550ti needs only a 400w psu.
    But a stronger psu will only draw the power it needs, regardless of it's max rating.
    To allow for a future graphics upgrade, I would go stronger. A GTX670 needs only 500W.
    The Corsair CX500 is a decent psu and cheap:
    For a top quality unit that can power a card as strong as a GTX690, look at a Seasonic 620w unit:

    4. I see no value in windows 8 when you have 7 already.

    5. Try to put a 120gb or larger SSD in your budget. It is one of the best performance upgrades you can make.

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