New i3 based office pc

Hello guys. I am building an i3 based pc for a friend.

He will use it as his home office pc and itunes and such; no gaming appart from W7 games. He wants to have an extended desktop with 2 monitors; what components do you recommend?. As I said and i3 will be the CPU. Thanks in advance.
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  1. $67. Motherboard $144. CPU $12. X2 Memory $99 SSD $109 Hard drive $20 Case $49 PS $99 x2 monitor

    You wont need a graphics card as HD 4000 is more than capable of running two monitors and the H77 has a DVI and VGA output specifically for that. Its a little more than what he needs bare bones but its expandable if he ever wants to play games.
  2. thanks man; it looks great!
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