Can i post test with out cpu ?

Just sent back my broken motherboard back to the seller after i found out it was dead. This time i thought when i get a new motherboard will be able to post test it with out Cpu. ? will i atleast get some fans spinning or something ? If not then i will just put the cpu back in. please reply thanks.
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  1. No it will not POST without a CPU.
  2. You pretty much need the cpu...Cause it's the cpu that processes the bios codes to start the computer.
  3. You can try to buy a bios chip already flashed. There are a few companies out there.
    I know a guy with a shuttle all in one PC that had a problem. A new bios chip fixed him up.
  4. You can get an older refurbished single core to post test with. $20 I highly recommend keeping one around just in case, whether it’s a Sempron or a Celeron.
  5. Will i at least get some fans spinning, i just want to know if the board has power, i have the asrock b75 pro 3 and it does not have and lights or anything like my older motherboard does which shows that it has power.
  6. With no cpu i think it will power on and spin the fans but it wont do anything. No error codes no beeps no anything. Of course every board is differrent so who knows.
  7. That is really all i need to know. i will try when the board arrives
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