Rampage 2 Extreme No Beep, No post (Already awnsered the 23 questions)

Hi everyone. Following shortstuff and Proximon tips, I`ll go straigth to the point, answering the 23 questions on no boot problems. Its a long thread but I wanted to do this the right way.

When I turn my pc on, after around 3 seconds it turns off, wait a second more and turn it self on again. It never beep anything, nothing is on screen, fans run fine and my LCD poster shows only welcome and them the time, which reset to 0:00:00 every time.

Last friday my pc was working just fine, on saturday when I tried to turn it on it worked as described above. No sounds or snaps, didn`t fell any burnt scent either.
Earlier this month I installed a new graphic card since my older stopped working (this may lead to the answer of my problems since it seems my pc is starting to fail bit by bit, but I`ll get to that later)

Full history: (I`m gonna take my time and explain the whole thing really)
I`ve built this set up on january 2009, when i was in USA, I`m brazilian by the way, and it`s been working fine until late 2012.
During this time I`ve added the 3gb 1866 RAM that is listed in specs. I know they are not exactly equal but it was what I could do, couldn`t run with 3 gb anymore, my bad, should`ve gone for 6gb from start, moving on... I`ve also changed the CPU cooler, from stock to the Corsair water cooler, which is pretty cool but hard to find a sweet spot in the computer case. Installed also the extra HD which didn`t change much on my specs.
As I was saying, on late 2012 the older PSU (OCZ 800W) made a loud snap and smell like burned, I switched to the Corsair`s. A couple of months later, like a month ago, my GTX295 failed after some blinks on screen and drivers recoveries. Couldn`t repair it, got the GTX 660 Ti. Which brings us to the present day.

One HUGE thing that I know for sure, is that I`m poorly grounded. I know my bad again, must have solved this long ago before I lose everything, but I just found the great post from PaperDoc on the matter. Will fix it pronto. My case always gave me, not shocks, but that feeling of vibration of static, and some screws from inside really gave some small shocks. I`m inclined to think that this may have lead to the problem.

Here are some things that I notice when I start the system:
When it turn it self back on it switches to the other BIOS setup, the lights changes every time, from 1 to 2 and vice versa.
All the fans run fine.
No beep whatsoever. (I really doubt that my speaker has failed)
The only LED that remains on is the one from BIOS as I just said. The HD LED blinks when it just starts.
My LDC poster just shows the time, as I said previously.

CPU: Intel i7 920, running with Corsair Hydro Series H70
MoBo: Rampage 2 Extreme
RAM: 3 gb Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800), 3 gb Corsair DOMINATOR DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000). All 6 gb running together at 1600 when it could boot.
Video: Nvidia EVGA GTX 660 Ti 3 gb, 03G-P4-3663-KR
PSU: Corsair AX750
HD: Seagate 1000 gb, Seagate 2000 gb
OS: Windows 7 x64
Case: Coolermaster CMStacker
Screens: 32` LED Samsung, 17` LCD Samsung
Sound: Nothing especial about it

My steps:
Checked on my jumpers on BIOS and the CLRCmos button settings. Pressed it over and over, restarted it hundreds of times. No good.
While I was crawling through forums seeking an answer I hit the 23 steps. And so I did follow them:


1 - Yes, always refers to it when in doubt of something.
2 - Yes.
3 - Yes. Which worries me about the static on the case and everything. 9 total, and only 9 installed on the case.
4 - Yes.
5 - Yes. Two 6 pin cables. My previous GTX295 needed one 6 pin and one 8 pin.
6 - Yes. Actually, turn it on without RAM sticks stills gives me no beep, or posts. Which is sad cause my MoBo is not even checking for RAM I assume. On previous tests in other times, like 2011 or early 2012 it beeped when no RAM was installed.
7 - Yes. The problem started without me touching the RAM. They were running ok the past month, last time I opened my case for changing the video card.
8 - Yes. I was using the 3 main slots when i had only 3 gb, but them used them all when upgraded to 6 gb.
9 - Yes.
10 - Yes. No mistakes here for sure.
11 - No.
12 - No. When I installed the water cooler it came with pre-installed thermal paste. Yesterday when I opened the case to breadboard it, I cleaned the old one and reapplied the paste. No good either.
13 - Yes. Pump is running good(vibrate slightly), fans are ok and the radiator is clean as a whistle.
14 - Not using stock cooler.
15 - No. No. Although my case is quite big, I have so many power cable going through it that it is kinda messy. But not touching the MoBo or under it.
16 - Well, no. Or not as much as I could/should. You see, here is where lies the flaw of my system. Again, I know is something that I should work on right away. Could this be the root of all evil that haunts my pc?
17 - Yes.
18 - Yes. I even use that helper for easier installation.
19 - Yes.
20 - Yes. Actually it is with stock BIOS version. I probably could have upgraded it. But never did, on my pc`s. Is it a good mores to upgrade it like everytinhg else?
21 - Yes. Over and over.
22 - No.
23 - Yes they are. No beeps before installing RAM.

When it not beeped withou RAM my hopes went down the drain. Wanted to post this thread to see if our doctors House could give me a diagnosis.

Thanks a lot in advance. If anything is missing just ask.
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