Computer hard crashes when playing games at specific points.

There is a specific point in every game i tried (the one I've found the most consistent is Far Cry 3) where the computer completely cuts power and has to be unplugged and plugged back in to turn back on. I've tried replacing every part i could with other parts and have looked everywhere for a solution but i cannot find any. I've tested the hard drive and the RAM and the G-card and the problem consists despite using different of each (different Hdrive Gcard etc problem still persists). Im in the process of testing the PSU but I don't have a replacement on hand. The problem occurs with a fresh install of windows 7 ultimate on the original and an empty hard drive i had laying around.

the only thing about this rig that is unusual is that the PSU did not have an 8 pin connector for the motherboard, so i bought an adapter that turned two of the auxilliary power connectors into another 4pin and used that. I don't think that that would cause this problem as everything successfully POSTS with this adapter set up and if the adapter didn't work then the computer would not turn on at all. i don't have another PSU to test.

originally the RAM were GSKILL 2X4GB 2133 and thought the problem was bad RAM timing since the motherboard only supports 1333 so I replaced the 2133 with current 1333 but the problem was still there.

windows 7 ultimate X86
AMD FX 8150 X8 processor
ASUS 970 Extreme 3 motherboard
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  1. I should probably also add that the computer sometimes cuts power randomly when no game is being run although this happens very rarely and is not consistent with lengths of time (went 3 days without shutting off like that, and then did in between switching parts when only running for 30 minutes)
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  3. Most likely a dying PSU.
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    TURBOLINK is a crap PSU brand -- Hardware Secrets tested one of their PSUs; they lie about real wattage, among other serious problems

    You should buy another PSU as soon as possible!

    Antec Basiq BP500U 500W
  5. I would recommend looking at Antec, XFX, Corsair, and Seasonic. I would look at a Corsair CX500 or CX600.
  6. well i finally got a replacement power supply and have confirmed that it was causing the problem

    still not sure how exactly, but whatever
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