GPU Back deffect or what?

Hi, BTW im new in pcš, i wanted to ask is it an deffect or a problem if at my GB GTX 670 2 GB back(where are somekind of silver bubbles with C and numbers, dont know how its called) on top is a little hole, will gpu work how it needs to and what are those ''Bubbles''.
Thanks, waiting for response and sorry for my knowing for videocards ;)
Heres the Photo-
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  1. I think it looks alright. it is just the way they solder it.
  2. Yeah, I really hope so, because im waiting for my MB to arrive next week(new CPU) and i havent tested it yet ;)
    Thanks for your quick response !
  3. There's nothing obvious wrong in that picture. Those "bubbles" as you call them are just the solder joints.
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