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Quad-SLI GTX 470

I'm a little hesitant to upgrade my video card, seeing as how it's still pretty good; but I had a very interesting thought the other day. Instead of blowing 300 to 1000 bucks on a new card; would picking up two or three extra 470s and running them in SLI keep me ahead of the curve on newer cards?
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  1. No no no. 4X sli need 1100W +.

    So get a 680 or sli them .

    BUT first answer me

    2)What will u do
    3)System spec
  2. Well I need to upgrade the monitor. Replace is more like it.

    I was thinking a dual-monitor setup being able to do gaming and some video editing and graphic design.

    I'm running a X6 Phenom 1090T. 4 gigs memory which is being upgraded within the next few days, along with the hard drive which is at 1TB currently. Motherboard is an ASUS Crosshair V. Case will need to go also (Antec 902 v3) and a PSU which would obviously need to be upgraded (Antec TPQ-1200).

    Just a thought, really. Would be nice to try out, but my power company would really love me if I did this.
  3. 470 gtx only tri-sli, quad-sli only the 480 gtx.
    Besides in my opinion quad-sli isn't worth the money with any gpu.
    If you can get more one or two 470 gtx at 80-100$(single) it will not be a bad option, but if i were you i'd hold the card you have and save some money for a 670 gtx or 7970 ghz edition.
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    Well a edit. Gtx 470 3x needs 600W.

    And that cpu is good. And 8 gb ram are really ok.

    For the PSU you could get Seasonic Xgold 850 or XFX Pro Core 850W

    And What is the monitor resolution ? Cuz i see you need to much horse power. If it is just 2560x1440 you dont need 3x sli. Gtx 680 would be enough
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