More video memory or faster video memory?

The video card in my linux workstation recently went dead (actually, the card is fine, but the fan croaked, and a replacement is nearly as much as a new video card, so...) and now I'm looking for replacements.

The old card is an MSI GT240 with 1GB of GDDR5 RAM, PCI-e 2.0 x16.

I'm looking at roughly equivalent replacement cards, which appears to be the GT630 based stuff. I've got it boiled down to two cards, both from EVGA, one with again 1GB of GDDR5, and the other with 2GB of DDR3.

Access speeds to the RAM is roughly twice as fast for the GDDR5 card over the DDR3 card. But obviously, the DDR3 card has more of the stuff.

Price difference is $10, with the 2GB card costing more. The least expensive 2GB GDDR5 card, were it actually in stock, is another $70 on top of that, and in basically a completely different class of video card than what I'm looking at.

It's a linux box, as I say, and I'm a console guy when it comes to games, so the most graphics intensive stuff I do is watching movies on occasion, or simple 2D drafting and the occasional gimp or inkscape work.

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  1. Memory amount is irrelevant. Get the GDDR5 one! It's significantly faster.
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