New Case advice? full or mid?

I got my HP Pavilion p6240f and it over heats quite a lot. I got a new graphics card in it and a new 600W psu. The airflow is just terrible. It has a micro ATX mobo, but I think I'm going to eventually get a normal mobo. I was looking to get a new case. I was wondering if it is necessary to get a full tower, or should I get a mid? and if I could get some suggestions on what case to get, my budget is ~$150, don't want to go too much higher than that.

Also, I have virtually no experience with computer hardware, the only thing I've done was put in a graphics card and that psu (if you can call that experience d:) so how difficult is it to swap cases or should I take it to my local computer place to do it?

Thanks a lot!
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  1. mid tower + cpu cooler
    corsair 300r and 212 evo :)
  2. Cases are such a personal thing. Some people like flashy lights and clear sides while others like simple designs (like me). This was my last build and I really like the Fractal Design case. It really gets down to budget and what you like.

    I look for a case that has:
    1. Easy to get at washable filters on all intakes.
    2. USB 3.0 in front
    3. Quiet
    4. Solidly built

    It is fairly easy to move the mb from one case to the next. Make sure you know where the front connectors on each case are going to attach and the rest is simple. It helps if you have the manual from the mb but if you don't have that just write down what came off of which connector.

    Whether you get a mid-size or full size case depends on where you are going to put it and how much space you have or are willing to give up for the case.
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