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I just recently received my radeon 6970 from the fine fellows over at Tiger Direct. Some of you may recall that there was a sale on radeon 6970's for 189.99. I was surprised when i received the card to find that it had only two six pin pcie power adapters instead of the standard 6 pin and 8 pin on the radeon 6970. I check the serial numbers on the card and then the ones on the box and it did state that it was a radeon 6970. Then when i went into the overclock settings (msi afterburn and ccc) i noticed that all the sliders were already maxed out.

When i went online to check this issue, i found no other problems seeing that many people do not have this non reference card. I looked at the amazon page for the 6950 ( and found that the one user picture they have for the card is the exact same card that i have even though the serial numbers and box confirm that it is supposed to be the 6970. What do you guys think. Is it a 6970 with a locked bios. FYI, the new non reference cards do not have a bios switch so i would prefer to not flash the bios. It is confirmed by multiple programs that it is running a 870 mhz gpu and 1200 mhz memory.

Thanks for all the help!
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  1. Forgot to mention my pc specs. I am running a 460 watt psu that has the 75 watt standard on both pci power cable (6 pin) along with a 1 tb 7200 rpm sata hdd and a core i7 3770 non k version. even though they recommend a 550 watt psu for the 6970, i have enough cables to completely power this card. I do not have many things attached to usb ports and what not. After i checked my power usage, the 3770 and everything on the motherboard excluding the video card is using at max around 100 watts ( i know that that is really low). Sorry for not including this in my original post. Also, my 6970 have four cooling channels (or whatever the metal bars are that have fluid inside of them) unlike the same maker but it a 6950.\

    It does not look like this :

    It has four not two.
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