Brand new computer must release/renew IP to access internet

Topic pretty much sums it up. Just got a brand new computer and the only way to access the internet after every reboot is to release/renew IP from cmd prompt.

After the IP has been renewed, there are no other issues with connectivity, and everything is alright until a restart is required. The IP given is always the same as well.

No other device on the network has this issue, but with that being said this new computer is the only one running Win7.

This was an issue from the second i took the computer out of the box, but I do not believe it to be an issue with the computer itself.

I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to these issues, and have checked any and all settings I know to look at, but everything seems to be in order.

The only other fact that I can think of that might pertain to this is once I connect to my router, I am unable to renew IP from the router control panel. Releasing the IP works fine, but renewing times out every time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Alright..I'm still having the issue but I've determined where the problem is coming from. Apparently there is a conflict when I install an antivirus program. Once uninstalled, I'm able to connect after every restart without a release/renew. I thought it might just be the specific antivirus program that was pre-loaded on the system, but the issue persists with any other antivirus software installed.

    So, at this point, I have tried McAfee (the pre-loaded software), Trend Micro, and Microsoft Security Essentials. All 3 give me this issue.

    Now, if it were just myself using the computer, I would just say screw it, and tread carefully without antivirus. Unfortunately, others use the system and they are not anywhere near as careful. So antivirus must be installed and honestly, the others who use the system aren't capable of finding a command prompt, let alone releasing or renewing an IP.!
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