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Here I am again, this time with a question regarding cables. I'm trying to connect a monitor (Grandin, LV19V210) to my graphics card (nvidia geforce 8400GS) and I'm not sure which cables to buy. :sweat:

No, my monitor did not come with any sort of cables, I bought it for very cheap from a second hand store (all I could afford with a student part-time job) and all they had was the monitor itself.

Thankies in advance. :)
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  1. Looks like the monitor only has HDMI and VGA. I'd guess the graphic card only uses DVI and VGA. Unless you're using your PC to watch Blu-Ray movies, I'd just use the VGA connection.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thank you ever so much!
  3. You could always get a DVI to HDMI adapter and use the preferred digital signal instead of analog.
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