GPU Drivers crashing and recovering a lot

Recently I started lagging a little more in games and stuff but my fps didnt drop so i didnt think anything of it but today my nvidia drivers stopped working and recovered everytime i would click on a new window(Switching from my documents to firefox etc.) It happened like 5 times within 10 seconds and then i got a random bsod.

All help is appreciated.

The dump can be downloaded here:

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  1. what are the drivers that you are using now ?
  2. prototype18 said:
    what are the drivers that you are using now ?

    Sorry stupid mistake i forgot to include that in op. I'm using an evga gtx 550 ti and I'm using driver version 306.97
  3. Well can u try installing the new beta drivers ? 310.61 .Also install driver sweeper to unninstall previous driver and install new ones
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