Issues With Gaming On XFX HD 6870?

I was wondering if anyone else has this problem. On games like Deus Ex HR I get some lagging when in big cities and maps. Now I'm playing Dishonored and it's somewhat the same thing. I'm playing at 75 FPS mind you on each game. Do you know what the issue is? Does anyone else have this issue?


Asus M5a97.
Xfx Radeon HD 6870.
8gigs of Gskill DDR3 ram.
AMD FX 4200 3.6+ghz.

550watt Thermaltake PSU.

One more thing, I don't get any artifacts or anything like in my last card. Weird. Is this normal?
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  1. Also I had the computer up for a few days. Could that be the problem too?
  2. Obviously, that shouldn't be happening with a quad core and the HD 6870. (btw, what resolution is your monitor?)

    If you leave your PC on for extended periods, it is possible it is being attacked by malware, viruses, etc. And being loaded up with junk files, and registry errors. Be sure your virus and malware pgms are of good quality and updated regularly. I like Microsoft Securities Essentials and Malware Bytes.

    I'd also run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry sections to rid the system of reg errors and resource wasting crap.
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