AMD 7850 not working with 3 monitors

I have a new 7850 and am running two dell S2330MX monitors and a hannstar HF229 monitor. The 7850 has a dvi, hdmi and two mini-display ports on it. The main monitor is the dell connected to dvi, the secondary is the dell on displayport the the third is the hannstar on hdmi.

I can detect all three monitors but can only output to two of them. The displayport adapter works fine when I have it selected and so does the hdmi monitor. I've read that you need an active displayport adapter to make some monitors work but my dell is working fine with the one I have. I can't figure out how to make all three of them display at the same time. Please help!
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  1. Displayport adapters can be passive if using 1 or 2 monitors. It is only when you add a third or more that the displayport adapter must be active. So one runs from below, one from ego, and your third will require an active adapter unless your monitor natively supports displayport.
  2. I did a search for an active display port adapter and best buy had this listed.

    I plug it in and I'm still not able to get all three screens to work. The only other active adapters I find are 80-100 bucks and I really don't want to pay that much for a freaking cable. I might as well just go get the second card and crossfire the two. Is there any cheap active cable for under 30 bucks?
  3. Awesome, I'll give one of them a try. I wish it was easier to tell the difference between the active and passive ones.
  4. Basically if it doesn't expressly say "Active Adapter", it probably isn't.
  5. Spaniard United said:
    Basically if it doesn't expressly say "Active Adapter", it probably isn't.

    I got the accell adapter in today. Plugged it in and it worked great. Configured the eyefinity settings, which wasn't super easy but whatever, got it all working and fired up crysis 2 to test it out. The game was amazing and looked great. Then the piece of *** adapter gave out fifteen minutes in!

    Sooo yea. Back to the usb adapter for now while I wait for amazon to ship me another adapter. Yay!
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