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I built a basic system over Christmas so that I could have it up and not have to interchange anything while working towards my end goal. It runs games fairly solid. The Intel HD 4000 Graphics were exactly what I needed to start out. Right now I can play the games I had wanted to but was not expecting to even if it does run on low (e.g. Saints Row 3, Chivalry, etc.).

The system is here (haven't uploaded specs yet since I have been busy).

I want to begin upgrading it towards making it become the finished project but I am unsure of what priority that the items need to be bought in. I had it planned to where I was going to get maybe a GTX 660 first, but my system experienced its first overheating because Far Cry 3 hit a glitch with another program I was using to play it (DS3 Tool). I knew immediately that it had overheated just because there was nothing else it could have been. There was no damage, but it scared me and made me think of putting the Hyper 212 EVO into the top priority. I am unsure of how to approach solving the dilemma of deciding the order in which the upgrades need to be made. I thought if the 660 was bought, then the processor would be given a but more slack. Although if I was to get the cooler first and other upgrades, I could save up for an even better card from the 700 series. Either way, I do need to get a new monitor on account of my using an old HP CRT. Hopefully planning on getting a 21-23" television or monitor with 1080p around $150-$170. I haven't seen any ones that have just absolutely struck me as something I needed, so if anyone has any suggestions, I would be thankful. The extra HDD (for backup) and Blu-Ray Burner (for burning Blu-Ray discs and being a second disc drive) are not as immediate. This is a lot, but I am grateful for any advice and comments on the current and future build.
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  1. 212 evo is a must

    even for not OC, it ensure your cpu runs at normal temp thus ensure longetivity
  2. Yeah, thought the same thing. Because of that, I haven't done anything to repeat the overheating.
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