HP DV6745US, Nvidia 630M & Win7 (no drivers)

I just bought a laptop, HP DV6745US which has a GeForce 630M in it. The laptop came with Win Vista Home Premium (per the COA sticker). I got it home, formatted the drive and put Win 7 Home Premium 64bit.

The problem is that Nvidia is saying I need to download the drivers straight from HP and HP is saying that Win 7 is not supported on my laptop.

Anyone got a work around?
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  1. I would download the drivers directly from
  2. runswindows95 said:
    I would download the drivers directly from

    I tried that first of course, upon installation it says "unable to detect hardware". When I run the Nvidia drivers auto detect it says to contact HP and download drivers from them.

    I've tried the official 306 and the beta 310, same deal.
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    Here are your PC specs-
    It's using NVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M not 630M as you mention.
    Try installing in compatibilty mode for Windows Vista.
    Vista drivers should work i have tried before on my old Vista laptop using Vista drivers.
  4. I'll give a shot. Thank you
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  6. Thank you Unreal9400, I could kiss you lol. Worked without any hiccups, Vista Compatibility Mode. I'm good to go.

    Edit: This is why I thought it was 630M

  7. You're welcome :)
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