Can I run WarZ MMO with this specs?

AMD Phenom II x4 910 Processor 2.6GHz
8192MB ram
ATI Radeon HD 5670

Really would like an opinion before I see if I can run it on my system, I checked on "can I run it" application and said I failed cause of my graphics card..
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    You should technically be able to run it, yes. Radeon HD 5670 supports Shader Model 5.0 so you meet that requirement and the RAM requirement. As those are the only two they give, it's hard to be more definitive, but you should be able to run/play the game.
  2. I dont think youll be maxing the game out.. but i'm pretty sure you can run it with some of the settings lowered.

    Just for future reference, the "can I run it" app almost always gives bad advice when it comes to the graphics card. You just have to read in between the lines yourself for the most part.
  3. thanks a whole lot
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