Which Build?

Please No fanboys.




Is there anything I can change/should change?

The AMD build runs faster on some games and the Intel build runs faster on others.

I would be playing games like battlefield 3, metro 2033, crysis 2... And also some newer games that will come out this year.


Don't need an OS, keyboard, mouse, or monitor as a part of the build.
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  1. i would go with the intel one but the mother board is over priced.
    I would get a better case
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    Hands down the Intel build. The 3570K which I happen to own is beast of gaminc CPU and can overclock nicely and has lower power consumption compared to the AMD chip. So no brainer, go for the AMD and find a way to grab at least a 120GB SSD for games and OS and use the 1TB that you have there for storage or backup. Cheers!
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  4. Either build is fine , both will produce very similar fps in games

    I would not use an $80 cpu cooler or over priced motherboard if it meant I could not afford an SSD

    For instance with the AMD build Id probably use the Gigabyte 990 FX UD3 board which will perform identically
    and then get a CM Hyper 212 evo cooler for $34

    and you have saved enough to get a Samsung 830 or 840 or Crucial M4 120 gig SSD as a boot drive
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