Why is my display splitting?


I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem, but I suspect that the problem lies on my video card. -hope not

This randomly happens, sometimes when idle, but mostly when playing games or watching videos. My video card is the Radeon HD 6850. When playing games, it never heats up to more than 60 deg Celsius and idle temps is around 38. It only has the stock cooler. The drivers are updated. I did try rolling it back, then reinstalling them again. Direct X is up to date too.

Can the problem lie elsewhere? Like maybe the HDMI cable? It returns to normal when I restart it.

My processor is also relatively cool at any time, thanks to a cheaper liquid cooler. It's an Intel core i7 3.20 GHz with Win 7 pro.
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  1. It is more likely to be your Monitor. Which monitor you have?
    This usually happens when your monitor gets old.
  2. Try updating drivers (try beta ones). I had that happened to me before. Or it could be the monitor as ^ suggested.

    Should have nothing to do with the cpu. Also don't think the cable is a problem becuase they usually either work or dont. You can always buy another one for 3-5 bucks and try it out though
  3. my monitor is quite new. a viewsonic 27" vx2753mh-led. I don't think its the monitor because when I restart the computer, it goes back to normal. the monitor never loses its signal during a restart. I did have an old monitor before this one about 6 months ago which did this. the problem stopped when I did change the monitor. so I don't know what made this new one be like this, if it really is the problem
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