My pc wont power on

Hey guys, having a little trouble with my desktop atm.

Was working fine, shut it down correctly, came home and nothing when i attempted to boot up.

Tried unplugging it, turnign off the switches and hitting the button on the powerboard then plugging everything back in.
After this i got a short (Half a second) Burst of power then nothing.
My first thoughts, power supply.
So i went out the next day, purchased a new PSU and installed it.
Still the same problem, Researched it a bit, and someone with a similar problem had suggested booting without the GPU, which worked, but now im stuck at the starting windows logo, it gets to the then powers off.

What would be causing this? Do i have a HDD fault now aswell?

Any help would be appreciated :)
Thankyou in advance.
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  1. I've been through this guide, still the same problem.
  2. could be a part that shorting out or the cpu fans not moving and the cpu is overheating and the mb is shutting down to save it.
    or there a bad cap/power reg on the mb. I would pull all the ram but one dimm. unplug the hard drive and cd-rom and any other device from power and the mb. bare bone the mb and then go into bios and look under pc health. see if the voltage or temps on the cpu go nuts and see if the pc will stay up in the bios.
    when you do that open the case see that the cpu fan is moving fine..if the system shuts down in the bios..take a look on the mb for any hot chips or caps. look to see if there any broken or melted parts on the mb.
  3. Nothing is broken or melted on the mobo, ive tried the single ram and bareboning the MB but it still shuts down in the bios, however nothing seems irregular as far as i can tell atleast.

    The cpu was sitting at 73C and the motherboard at 33C.

    Im really at a loss here, i have no idea what could be causing this.
  4. cpu - 50C
    MB - 30C


    V core - 1.06V
    3.3v - 3.400V
    5v - 5.299V
    12V - 12.513V

    That is with 1 ramm stick no HDD's and no disk drive connected.
  5. looks like from the two temp readings...the cpu fan is not spinning up to speed...the thermal paste may have dried out if this is a pc of a few year in age..the cpu heat sink is lose or not seated. i would go in a blow any dust off the cpu and check that the fan is moving. check to see if your bios show the cpu fan rpm. most good fans should be in the 900-1500 rpm if there working ok. if there a heat issue the fan will max out..2000-4500 rpm. if the fan reading 300-600 rpm i would replace the heat sink and see if that fixes your issue. if not then there an issue with the cpu over heating.
  6. CPU fan speed is sitting at 2040-2070RPM
    CPU got to about 80C just then and powered off.
  7. sounds like a cpu heat sink not on right or the thermal paste has gone bad. i would pick up a tube of paste from local store. if it the intel cpu heat sink with the plastic legs..check to see that the legs have not loosened up from age and heat. if it an amd chip with the clips check that the heat sink still clipped together. if you can take the other side of the pc door off and male sure the heat sink feet are locked in. also use the clear the cmos jumper..make sure no one tried to overclock the mb/cpu and the voltage to the cpu to high. if it not a past/seating issue. then the cpu or the mb has a fault and is sending more voltage into the cpu and causing it to over heat and shut down.
  8. One of the clips on the Heat sink has broken.
    So id say the loose heatsink wouldnt be doing its job properly, and the paste has also dried out.
    Thank you very much for your help, i shall replace the heatsink and throw a light layer of paste on it tomorrow and let you know how i went :)
  9. rubbing alcohol and a towel will get the old stuff off without to much work.
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