How does this Gaming Rig Look ?

Does this Look Good ? Its for gaming
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  1. I realize your taking advantage of the cpu/ram combo but 16gb of ram isn't required for gaming, i would recommend 8gb and a better mobo. other than that great balanced build. like i said 8gb is enough but if you feel you need 16gb go ahead and get it.
  2. Thanks Alot. I was thinking I wasnt getting enough haha Im new to building a gaming PC
  3. Get the 7950 from sapphire, it's much better than the powercolor reference card, also like mentioned, get 8GB dual channel kit for gaming it's plenty.
  4. Hi. djangoringo beat me to it but I agree with spending $5 more for the Sapphire card in addition to 8GB RAM.

    Here's a building guide with videos:
  5. Thanks guys for the Help
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