Gigabyte Radeon HD 6570

So I want this graphics card:

It's the Gigabyte version of the Radeon HD 6570. They slightly overclocked it so its memory clock is 1600mhz rather than 1333mhz, and its core clock is 670mhz rather than 650mhz. What is its wattage? Its recommended psu wattage is 400w, but what is the total wattage this card uses on a peak load? Will my 450w psu that came with a budget case run it, considering it has 396w on the +12v rail? Especially since I'll be using it all day gaming.
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  2. Give u r system details .probably the answer is no. because graphics card take upto 400w then which way to give power to other parts .ex for processor. if ur system configuration not support dont buy that. i am recamend 750w powersupply.
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    Your PSU is much more than enough to run it; typically, the highest GPU you can run on a budget supply is the HD7750, which is also more energy efficient but will greatly stretch your budget.

    If you're in that price range for a budget, why not bump up to an HD 6670? Even the DDR3 version will be marginally better than an HD 6570.
  4. yup 6670 sapphire is the best choice in your case and it should run well enough on your psu
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