Looking to replace my motherboard

I am looking to replace my motherboard due to one of my ram slots going dead on me and my PC bogs down with only 2gb of ram.

I am aware that once I replace my motherboard I will be looking for a new cpu as well so I am mainly looking for some advice on what I should be looking to purchase.

Right now I am using a Intel core 2duo E720 2.53gh and the motherboard I am currently using is a

I already have a 750w power supply, a nvidia GTX 460, a 250gig HD with plenty of free space, a perfectly good DVD/CD writer and a large PC case as well as all my peripherals that I would like to keep with the new motherboard and cpu.

I mainly use this PC for basic functions such as internet browsing, microsoft office functions and things like itunes but I do do some gaming as well (mainly World of Warcraft) with things like skype and a internet browser open at the same time that bog my PC down right now while only using 2gb of ram.

I have done quite a bit of looking around and have found some items that seem like quality products but as I dont use this PC for some of the latest games or any video editing I just want to make sure I am not going overboard.

Here is a CPU that I am looking at.



I saw the motherboard was Toms Hardware approved on Newegg.

The main question I have is it worth it to purchase this level of equipment due to not only what I am going to be using my PC for but also the type equipment I already have. The way I have looked at this is that if i purchased this upgraded CPU and motherboard that if I wanted to I could upgrade my video card or SLI for better performance on other games or if I wanted to use my PC for some things more demanding.

If anyone has thoughts, comments or suggestions on CPUs and motherboards that would better fit my needs or might give a similar performance for a reduced cost please let me know.

Thank you all for your advice.
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  1. Are you going to be overclocking?

    If you are, get the 3570k and an aftermarket air cooler like a Hyper 212 EVO.
    If not, get the AsRock H77 Pro4.

    Otherwise its all good.

    EDIT: Looking at that HDD, it might be an IDE drive and wont be compatible with any modern mobo's (with a few, very high end exceptions). Will want to check otherwise you might find yourself spending an additional $100 for a HDD.

    EDIT 2: With the new mobo means you need a new OS unless you have a retail key, not OEM.
  2. I doubt I will need to be overclocking as most of what I use my PC for should do fine without it.

    I assume the AsRock H77 Pro4 you are referring to is ?

    Sorry I am not as well versed as I might seem on some of the specific hardware and am not quite sure what product you are talking about when you say the 3570k (I assume) ?

    Is what you are trying to get at that I should chose between the above CPU with a downgraded motherboard or the above motherboard with a upgraded CPU?

    Here is the HDD I currently have in my PC

    I certainly would like to know if I will able to use my current HDD in a new motherboard and if not a few suggestions on HDDs as I did not anticipate this upgrade.

    I am aware of the need to purchase a new OS but thank you very much for the reminder. (using and plan on continuing usage of Windows 7)
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    Yep, those are the products I mean.

    If your not overclocking, stick with your current CPU choice (the i5-3470) and get the H77 Pro4 instead of the Z77 Extreme4.

    Z77 as a chipset's main advantage is that it can overclock "k" series processors. So if you are going to be putting in a locked CPU which cant overclock (like an i5-3470) you are losing out since you cant use (and have paid for) the boards full potential.
    H77 is the same as Z77 except it cant overclock and is often cheaper.

    That is a SATA Hard-Drive, so its compatible.
  4. Thank you very much for the detailed and easy to understand response. I dont have a lot of experience in motherboards so it was very helpful to learn why I dont need to really be spending an extra $50 or so lol.

    Also thanks for confirming that my HDD is good to go.
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