Problem with my computer.

Hello, i just bought new ram, ssd and a videocard. I installed it and everything was running fine. After a while i got a bluscreen. And i turned my computer back on and i got bluescreen again. So i tried to clear CMOS. On my motherboard theres a jumper i tried that. But when i turned my computer back on, everything started but cloud not see anything on my screen. I tried a different graphic card but nothing happend. Then i took out my motherboard and removed the bios battery and put it back in, but nothing happend. I also tiried my old ram. Anyone have any ideas what has happend?

I bought:

ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti 2GB PhysX CUDA
Kingston DDR3 HyperX 1600MHz 8GB KIT
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  1. I got a corsair TX750W. And i don't have a extra.
  2. When you installed that new video card, what did you replace? Also, did you download the most recent drivers for your new video card? Did you conect the PCIe power connectors to that new video card?
    Did you remove your old RAM sticks? If not take them out and boot only with the new sticks?
  3. The video card i had was xfx radeon hd 4870. And i did download the latest drivers and conected the PCIe power. I removed the old RAM sticks also.
  4. check that the cmos jumper on the right two pins. if not it still be stuck in reset mode. if the system jumpers are fine if the system board has a built in video it may be the main video now.
  5. Did you move the jumper back in place in your mobo?
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