Good type of dual graphics card?

Hi im confused as to what type of graphics card i should use, i have two pcie x16 slots which i think i can use two graphics cards with, now what are two graphics card that i can connect a bridge to one another and have it run simultaneously, or any other suggestions for dual graphics cards?
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  1. What are your current FULL system specs so we can check if your board supports Xfire or SLI?

    Also why do you want duel graphics cards? What resolution do you game at?
  2. 939sli-esata2 asrock
  3. Thats not even a fraction of what we need. ALL system specs please... And monitor resolution...
  4. well its off ebay, i want to know what i want to buy
  5. What PSU do you have? And what resolution do you play at? Also, what size case do you have? So we don't recommend something that won't fit
  6. no no im just wondering if the 939sli is compatible with a good sli graphics card on the market
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