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Hello, I want to build myself a new gaming PC although I am not 100% sure which parts to go for.
I want to buy all the internals except for the case and graphics card for now.

I have made the following list:

Motherboard: J&W Z77A-PROX
CPU: Core i7 3770K
Memory: DDR3 1600 Memory 8GB Kingston HyperX Red (Kit of 2*4GB) (
SSD HDD: Agility 4 128GB

Does anyone have any suggestions to swap out any of the above for something better? (It'll need to be roughly the same price range.)

My main concern is the motherboard as I am not sure if J & W make quality boards or not although I have found a really good price for it.

Thanks! :)
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  1. i personally think you should go to GIGABYTE

    because i use them and its pretty Good and the price in not high
  2. Yeah MSI, Gigabyte and Asus are safe bets. Or Asrock, Z77 Extreme4 is a popular choice if overclocking. If you're mainly wanting gaming performance, save some money and get an i5. 3570K if you want to overclock, 3450 if you don't. Money saved could buy you a better SSD, like a Samsung 830 or Vertex 4 or better still, Samsung 840 Pro.
  3. OK great.

    I think it'll make sense to go for the cheaper CPU option - the 3570k as you suggested so I can spend the extra dollar elsewhere.

    As for the motherboard I've taken a look at the Extreme4 and came up with these two: ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M and ASRock Z77 Extreme4. Whats the difference between those two?

    As for the memory, will the Kingston HyperX be sufficient for overclocking or would it be worth it to spend a bit more in the memory department?

    Thanks guys
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