7750 with G31 chipset

My "rig":
Dual Core E6600 3.06GHz
AsRock G31m-s 2.0
Codegen 400W 16amps on the 12v rail.
I want to upgrade my video card to 7750, but I've read in forums that the 7750 can and will have problems with older hardware. My MOBO has a pcie x16 1.1 slot. I will use the card to play games on medium to high settings (no AA or anything like that).
Or should I buy 6670 which is 20% worse than 7750. Will I feel any difference between the both on my current system?
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  1. Get the HD7750, I have not heard of it giving ANY issues on older mobos... You should be totally satisfied with it, although you do know you are due for a total PC overhaul?
  2. WTF is a overhaul? And I've read that people have issues with it, like, literally, I can give you at least 5 post of it not working correctly on older motherboards
  3. The 7750 will work with your PCI-e 1.1 slot as long as you have the latest BIOS. And by Overhaul we mean that your rig is pretty old and there will be major bottlenecks from the CPU and RAM so its time for you to get an entirely new computer.
  4. So you think I should buy the 6670 instead of a new computer?
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