Upgrading VGA

Hi I'm planning on buying a new VGA card for my PC

Here are my Specs

Intel DH55HC Motherboard
Intel Core i5 760 Processor
Kingston DDR3 1333MHz (2x2GB)
18.5" Samsung Monitor

PSU - Cooler Master Elite 400W

RS-400-PSAR-J3 -

I'm thinking of buying a Power Color HD7750 -

Also thought of buying a new PSU as i'm upgrading VGA
Thought of the Corsair CX430V2 -

Is this VGA compatible with my Mobo ? (Cuz is supports PCI-E 3.0 and my motherboard has PCI-E 2.0)
Do i have to upgrade my PSU to newer one or does the CM Elite give enough power to all these components ?
If i'm buying the Corsair PSU do i need to check any campatibilities regarding my Motherboard ?

Thank you in Advance.
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  1. If you buy the 7750 you can leave the old PSU, but I think you should take some other video card, something more powerful for your i5 (if you can afford it, if not stay with the 7750, it's a greate card ) And yes the 2.0 will work perfect with 3.0, there will be no noticeable FPS drops.
  2. the graphic card will work fine it is backward compatible with your motherboard and 400 watts will be enough so basically hd 7750 should work fine with your current specs
  3. Is there a way to check weather my PSU is in Best condition ? (Our Main Switch had an issue causing the voltage to drop some time. I need to know weather it damaged the PSU)
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    I would say you should change it since CM makes crappy PSUs except the silent pro series.
    If you can step up to the 7770 or the 650ti it would do more justice to your i5.
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