Upgrade from 8400 gs to gt 640

Hi, I have a very important to ask . My cpu is using msi 8400gs 512mb (2008) and now i want to upgrade it to gigabyte gt640 2gb ddr3 .But i do not know that my motherboard support or not and i fear that it no work . please help me because it make stress now ... Here is my pc information motherboard : msi boston 1.0 / PCI-E 1.1 processer : core 2duo e4600 2.4ghz ram : 3gb ddr2 window vista 32bit sp2 graphic card : nvidia 8400gs 64bit 512mb (msi) HELP !!! I scare that GT640 is use PCIE 3.0 and my is PCIE 1.1 and it cannot work as all PLEASE HELP ME T.T
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  1. Gt640 is Supported by your motherboard no problem with PCIE but I would recommend you to go for AMD 7750 or AMD 7770

  2. Not a proble, with PCIe.

    And what is your budget ?
  3. But I had try it , i had installed it but after i installed i open my pc and there are nothing display on the monitor
  4. You made something wrong ?Did you remove old dirvers and install new one ?
  5. Then you don't have a power supply that is powerful enough, you at least need 400 watt for that
  6. All graphic cards are backwards compatible. However, I don't think upgrading your GPU will make a difference. Your CPU, and computer for that matter, is pretty old. If you have the 640, that would be the max CPU that might be able to run with the c2d 4600. Honestly, I would look at doing a complete overhaul.
  7. the true story is like this. today i went to the shop and i borrow my cpu too to upgrade my graphic to GT640 , however i let the workshop's men help me to install it , but after the installation done , the problem came out the cpu was produce some noisy soud like (tis..tis...tiss) repeat and repeat and non stop untill switch off the power.
  8. the CPU makes noise ????? Than send it back to him and tell him he didnt fix a ****.
  9. now I dont know wht wrong with my computer , the computer really produce soud like(thi..thi) ..
  10. Well try getting near and hear it better !
  11. my power is 350 W
    the soud still produce but when install back my old graphic 8400gs , it go for normal can run window as normal without problem ...what wrong???
  12. Well u should really change it !
  13. if i change back my 8400gs what doing for GT640 ? I very pray that it works :(
  14. I mean change the PSU :D
  15. why isn't my PSU enough for my cpu ? or the problem is my PSU that procude soud?
  16. Well if it is a 350W its wont be a good brand. So it is a bad unit.

    Go for Antec Vp450W for 30$ on ncix !
  17. can I know the problem block me is the PSU or other items ?
  18. If you can hear it bette. Take you ear near the PSU and if the sounds come from there change it.

    Also im sure it is the PSU. Its a 350 W PSU . Can you tell me the brand/model or read the label ?
  19. i not sure the brand because the box has throw away i only remember it is 350w ...
    I think ya the sound really come form PSU
  20. Well change it.

    Antec Vp-450W 31$ ncix
    Corsair CX 430 V2 35$ newegg

    So just choose 1 of this and go game :P
  21. how about the PowerLogic magnum 375 pro power supply , pure power: 375w , peak power:750w
  22. No no no. What the **** is this PSU.

    Get the one i told you. You dont need more W on that system.

    Only if you go for high end PC (SLI/CF) you will need 750W
  23. hey I plan to build another new cpu in this Xmas as well and this also my first time

    here some information above it ,

    MSI 970A-G46
    AMD FX6100 3.3ghz
    Kingston 1800mhz 8gb
    Powerlogic magnum pro 535 max power 1000w (PSU)
    WD 1.5TB
    Samsung Internal 24X ATAPI DVD Writer SH-224BB
    Aerocool Strike One PC Casing
    Acer LCD Monitor S231HL 23-Inch LED 1920x1080

    And a biggest problem is should i buy a new Sapphire HD 7750 2GB DDR3 or use back the GT640 ?
    Can this works without facing any problem ??
  24. Well that CPU is nowhere near I3.

    The PSU is just garabge.

    You can find a better case.

    You dont need 1800 for gaming

    About the GPU 7750 is better but i would go higher cuz you have a 1080P monitor where non of this cards can game with good FPS
  25. why the PSU is garbage ?
  26. The power supply market is rife with low quality units that do not deliver what they promise in terms of wattage. These low quality units also deliver very inconsistent voltages, which can cause damage to your components. The worst case scenario is if you overstress these low quality power supplies is that they will explode and take other components with them.

    Powerlogic is not a reputable power supply brand. Any "1000 Watt" unit that sells for cheap is going to be a very low quality unit that can probably only deliver 500 watts at best.

    The power supplies suggested to you above come from much more reputable brands. They deliver what they promise, and are much higher quality parts that are much less likely to fail on you.
  27. So therefore which type of PSU should i buy and how much watt to run the system ?
  28. as prototype mentioned earlier you will need
    corsair cx 430 psu
    or antec vp 450 psu.
    first thing you must do now is change the psu to the one mentioned above as soon as possible and then try installing the gt 640 along with the latest drivers from nvidia and see whether your pc boots up.
    i believe your current cpu e4600 should have no trouble running a gt 640 at all but first upgrade your psu and then try installing the gt 640. also dont forget to first un install the existing nvidia drivers and do a clean re install
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