Asus ENGT240 (GeForce240) card doesn't work!

Hello all...I hope someone can help me with this or offer suggestions...over the last few months I've upgraded my PC:3.16ghz dual core CPU, Altec 500watt Psu, 4GB RAM, Windows 7 (it's an Emachines et1810=01)...and the last thing I wanted to do was to upgrade the video card. I ordered the ASUS ENGT240 from Ebay (from a seller with 100% positive feedback, he's been pretty cool) but after installing the card (twice), and booting up the computer, the system won't recognize it at all...I've tried everything from removing the original drivers that's integrated with the motherboard, loading the drivers disc that came with the GPU, which has OLDER drivers than the ones on the computer...going to Add Hardware...nothing...going into BIOS...nothng...restarting over and over...nothing!! At one point I left the side casing off to make sure the GPU's fan for it's heatsink is spinning and it does! WHAT'S GOING ON? The gpu does not appear damaged at all, it's in great condition. Is it my PCI slot?? Some strange in-compatibility issue? After corresponding with the guy I bought it from, I get no indication whatsoever that he purposely sold me something defective....PLEASE HELP folks, even if you can suggest a card for this Emachines that has had no problems. THANK YOU... :(
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  1. Well that mobo supports PCIe X16 /Try reseting bios and download the drivers from nvidia website .
  2. How do I reset the BIOS? What specific steps do I need to do? And I have downloaded new drivers, but they just seem to apply to the graphics on my other words, the site scans the computer and only offers it for the existing graphics that came with the computer. I've tried locating the drivers for the ASUS ENGT240, but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack! Again, if you could tell me what steps to do in the BIOS, that would be a good 1st step. Thanks. :??:
  3. Remove the battery from the mobo and let it out for 10 mins. Than insert it and turn it on.

    BUT first download drivers here

    chose you card and system
  4. AH, ok...did think to do that! My friend, thank you I'm going to try your suggestions and get back to you shortly...thanks so much! (keeping fingers crossed!)
  5. Quick question...I've downloaded the drivers, the graphics card is not installed. Should I go ahead and install the card, launch the drivers and see if it works, then take out the mobo battery, and go from there, etc? THANKS!
  6. Well shutdown the pc . Insert the 240 and boot up(place the monitor cable in the gpu)

    Than install the drivers and tell us :)
  7. Ok, so here's what happened: after a few attempts of removing the MB battery, I was unable to do, I decided just to install the 240 and see what, for some reason with the 240 installed, the VGA signal to my original graphics port doesn't work...and of course I plugged it into the 240's VGA port and it doesn't work...Ok, so then I took the card out again, downloaded the new drivers, shut off the computer, RE-INSTALLED the 240 card and again, same thing: the fan spins, etc. but it seems now to disengage the VGA signal of my original port that comes with the computer.

    I don't know what else to do...damn, I need to get that battery out, to reset the BIOS and leave it out for 10 minutes or so as you suggested huh? There's that little small pin on one side of it, do I bend that back and pull out the battery? THIS IS PRETTY FRUSTRATING! :cry: :cry:
  9. Lol its not very hard .

    Maybe that card is faulty ?

    Did you disable Onboard GPU in the bios ?
  10. Ahh nice to hear . :)
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