Minecraft HUGE fps drop (about %400)

Hello, minecrafts fps used to be around 200-250 (max settings), now more recently (past 2 months) it has dropped to 50-60 (max settings), all my drivers are updated,and nothing is overheating... if anyone knows what could possibly be happening please reply, thanks
My custom build
-AMD 1045t 6 core 2.7 ghz (OC 3.1 ghz)
-Gigabyte GTX 560 1gb ddr5 (one of the best 560's around $200)
- 16 gb ddr3 1600 mhz
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  1. Has your MC map become way bigger/are you running things like technic pac?
  2. 50-60 FPS is the most you need for gaming, but if you really want 200-300 FPS it may be due to the new updates (My laptop would play on 20 FPS, now only 1)
  3. I have actually fixed my problem, i tried a newer pre-release (snapshot) and my fps went back up to 200-250 (max settings) again, so im assuming the bug will be fixed in the near future when the official update comes out. Thanks for everyone for trying to help!
  4. Yeah Norton was probably doing something, because it said it scanned the pc today and updated it a minute ago.

    Edit: sorry, i replied this to the wrong post.
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