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Hi everyone,

This is the first time i post here. I've built computers in the past (6 years ago), but then changed career and things change so now I'm trying to build-up a new computer for gaming from scratch, with the following components:

Video: SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY Radeon HD 7950 Vapor-X- 3 GB GDDR5 - PCI Express 3.0 (11196-09-40G)

Motherboard: ASROCK Fatal1ty Z77 Performance - Socket 1155 - Chipset Z77 - ATX

RAM: CORSAIR PC Value Select 2 x 8 Gb (16GB) DDR3-1333 - PC3-10600 - CL9

Case: COOLER MASTER Cabinet PC CM Storm Enforcer

CPU: INTEL Intel Core i7 3770 - 3.4 GHz - 4 core - 8 threads - 8 MB cache - LGA1155 Socket - Box

Disk1: TRANSCEND Solid State Disk (SSD) TS128GSSD320 2,5" 128 GB - SATA

Disk2: WESTERN DIGITAL internal disk Caviar Green WD20EARX 3,5'' - 2 Tb

About the power....I've not yet decided between:

1) LEPA Alimentatore per PC G750-MAS 80PLUS Gold - 750W
2) CORSAIR PC Gaming Series GS600 - 600W

I'm not planning to add an aditional graphic card.

So....are those components compatible? Apart from the HDMI cable to connetc the CPU with the TV, I will need any aditional cable or I'm done with that?

NOTE: The CPU already comes with cooler (ventirad hyper)

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  1. whats ur max budget and do u require windows, monitor?
  2. Hi, my max budget is around 2.000€, but for the PC (Only the components) I don't want to spend more than 1.400.

    As a monitor I will buy a Samsung TV full HD 46''. I already have joypad/mouse/keyboard and speakers.

    As for the SO I will install one by myself (Probably windows 7) on the SSD disk.
  3. what part of europe u live in?
  4. iceclock said:
    what part of europe u live in?

    I'm from Italy
  5. Really good choices iceclock. Good information.

    Thanks for your help!
  6. no problem anytime dude :)
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