Can someone explain this?

I'll try and be brief...I bought a Yamaha 20x burner to copy playstation games.I downloaded a demo of cdrwin,and everything worked.I then got a file sent to unlock the demo,it couldnt find the right file to overwrite,so it didnt work.I then downloaded ,and installed another cdrwin demo,with the file to be overwritten,and it unlocked the program.But it wouldnt recognize my burner.I uninstalled that version,and went back to the original,and everything is fine,except for the 1x limitation.Can someone give me some insight as to what is going on,I'm new at burning.
Also,I loaded a Yamaha demo disk,from my cd-rom,now when I click on my drive,it says Yamahacd,even though another disk is installed,can someone explain this as well ?......Thanks..........:)

If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
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  1. many grammatical confusions... :mad:
    Anyways, copy/move that file to the actual directory, then try it out again. You might also need APSI installed (I don't even know what version of Windows you're using.) If you have Win2K/XP, then you can get it <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

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  2. Sorry about the errors,I had very little time to construct a more precise post.At any rate,I had to remove the existing version and re-install the original version.Odd that one CDRWIN demo would work,and another would not.......:)

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
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